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Capability Statement
BCA Vision Pty Ltd was created to provide government and private clients with a specialist Building Regulation and Building Code of Australia (BCA) consulting service.
BCA Vision Pty Ltd’s success flows from our philosophy of providing the best possible quality and service to our valued clients. This philosophy is inherent in our company culture. Our Mission Statement is “To be the organisation of choice in relation to all building, and fire safety matters”.
Relevent Experience and Management Ability
The senior personnel at BCA Vision Pty Ltd have wide-ranging experience in an extensive list of projects incorporating many building types including; residential, commercial, retail, industrial, health care and assembly buildings including schools and Entertainment venues.

Our staff members have been employed as Building Surveyors in both the public and private sectors and have operated in all Sydney Metropolitan and Regional Council areas allowing us to boast a range of experience in a variety of development scenarios and construction types.

BCA Vision Pty Ltd have extensive knowledge of building construction, the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act, the Building Code of Australia and associated Australian Standards with our biggest strengths being our practical ability, common sense and desire to provide above average service and support.
BCA Vision Pty Ltd’s main focus is quality and client satisfaction. We are aware of the strict co-ordination needed in all construction and upgrade projects and the delicate nature needed when the client’s operations must continue without disruption during design and construction works.  Deadlines are critical in this sector of the industry and we pride ourselves on achieving our client’s program goals and exceeding their expectations on quality.

Our customer relations approach is based on proactive management of issues.  We ensure the customer is informed of our program and scope of works and we encourage their input and suggestions.

BCA Vision Pty Ltd prides itself on its service and customer focus.  These are key aspects of our company values and culture. We make customer relations and service our priority activity in all of our projects.
Design Assessment

We recommend undertaking a review of your project design plans prior to either Development or Construction Certificate Application Lodgement.
Building Audits

Building Code Compliance within existing buildings can be difficult to identify and quantify that’s why having a professional, audit the building to determine the level of compliance can help with Strata or Torrens subdivision applications; or  to respond to Council interest in the building;  or just for peace of mind.
Additional Services

At BCA Vision Pty Ltd, we pride ourselves on the ability to address the commercial requirements of our clients by formulating innovative solutions to comply with the statutory requirements of applicable building regulations.
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